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  Taizhou Wonsem Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd. is located in Jiaxing Economic-Technological Development Area of Zhejiang , within a distance of 90 km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airportand within a distance of 80 km fromSuzhou. The company is located in the core part of the Yangtze River Delta one-hour economic circle. Highway, railway, waterway, air lead in all directions form this city.The company in January 2015 by Zhejiang World Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. (52% shares) and South Korea Dae Kyung Precision Co.,Ltd.(48% shares) both funded the establishment of Sino foreign joint ventures, The company specializing in the production of car brake calliper spring piece, hybrid vehicle battery accessories, company's existing equipment: spring high speed punch 150 tons, 200 tons, automatic feed feeding machine, the spring heat treatment furnace mesh belt, precision plane grinding machine, pressure testing machine for spring, a spring piece automatic infrared inspection, testing and packaging machine and so on are all imported from South Korea.

  South Korea Dae Kyung Precision Co.,Ltd.,the company was founded in 1989,The company specializing in the production of brake pad spring piece, hybrid vehicle battery accessories, with an annual output of 1.2 million pieces of leaf spring and other stamping parts,services for Mando、Mobis、Continental、Bosch、GM、TRW.

  Zhejiang World Auto Parts Co., Ltd.is principally engaged in producing auto brake parts, chassis parts of commercial vehicles; and it moved to Jiaxing Economic -Technological Development Area in June,2013.The company has a capital of 27million yuan and a total investment of 50 million yuan. Meanwhile, the company has a floor area of 11600 square meters and a building area of 12700 square meters. At present, there are about 120 employees, including 32 management personnel , 6 technicians and16 quality inspectors.The company has 6 Korean Doosan machines(Model: Lynx225), 30 CNC machines, 4 cold extrusion pressing machines(300-650 ton), 8 center-less grinding machines, caliper piston abrasive finishing machine, auto-cleaning and drying caliper piston assembly line,punching machines, universal milling machines, drilling machines, screw rolling machines,tool grinder sharpeners and so on. The inspection equipment includes Japan Mitutoyo profile measuring apparatus (Model:CV-3200S4), Swiss Hexagon three coordinate measuring machines (Model: Explore686), imaging instrument(Model: VMS-2515G), projection instrument (Model:CPJ-3000), and Japan Mitutoyo coaxiality measuring apparatus, micro Vickers, Metallographic analyzer , German Mikrotest thickness tester, roughness measuring instrument , salt spray tester and defectoscope and different kinds of Mitutoyo measuring equipment.


ADD:No.642 Zhenxing Road,Jiaxing Economic and Technoloqical Development Zone,Zhejiang FAX: +86-573-83383807 E-mail:wonsem@126.com
Taizhou Wonsem Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd.